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If your dream is to own a piece of property and not break the bank then leasing or renting in New Jersey is an ideal solution for you. Renting or leasing is a contract between the landlord and the tenant for a specific real estate property for a specific time period. Whether you are looking to find an apartment, a house, a townhouse, a condo, a commercial property, or any other property to rent in New Jersey, Agram Realty will find your vacancy rapidly. We will help you search for rentals by location, property type, price, and other important criteria. We also offer practical advice and will help you rent any of these properties, as well.

Here is a brief overview of 4 types of leases:

Periodic Tenancy
This is a tenancy agreement which continues on a month-to-month or week-to-week basis without a predetermined termination date. Periodic tenancy occasionally occurs when a particular tenant continues to reside in a property after the end of a lease agreement. If the periodic tenancy if for a year-to-year basis then in order to terminate the tenancy, a 3 month notice is required from either party.

Tenancy at Will
This is a tenancy agreement where either the tenant or the landlord may terminate the tenancy at any time by either party by giving a reasonable notice. This type of a tenancy agreement typically occurs in the absence of a lease.

Tenancy at Sufferance
Sometimes called holdover tenancy, this type of tenancy exists when a tent legally occupies a property but remain in possession of the property even after the lease ends, without the consent of the landlord. In this situation, the landlord may evict this tenant at any time, without any notice but if the tenant pays the rent and the landlord accepts the payment, the tenant becomes a month-to-month tenant.

Estate for Years
The term "years" is misleading when describing this type of a tenancy. Estate for years refers to a tenancy for any specific time period. This type of tenancy is not necessarily automatically renewed.

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