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Why Use Agram Realty when Buying

Once you decide to purchase your next real estate property in New Jersey it's important to have expert help which Agram Realty can provide with experienced agents who can guide you in the right direction. When you hire us, we will work with you diligently from start to finish. Here are the steps that we will take when you're ready to buy your next property:

Choosing the Property
If you are purchasing a residential property, we will help you decide which town is ideal in accomplishing your requirements, such us public transportation, schools, public parks, etc. If you are purchasing a commercial property, on the other hand, we will find you the best business districts which provide adequate parking, square footage, traffic, etc.

This is the first and most important step which will be the deciding factor for all other actions. The biggest hurdle that the majority of first-time home buyers need to overcome in order to own their American dream is to save enough money for a down payment. Usually, bank lenders require a down payment of at least 20% of the home's total purchase price. If you haven't chosen your financial institution Agram Realty works in conjunction with several banks and mortgage lenders.

The client must inform the bank about their overall financial situation. As a result, the loan officer will review your credit files and base their preapproval letter showing that you are qualified for a given loan amount with one or more detailed mortgage programs.

Consumer Information Statement
The state of New Jersey requires that all real estate agencies inform prospective buyers and sellers about the 4 kinds of business relationships prior to the first discussion of financial issues or the incentive for selling or buying real estate properties. The Consumer Information Statement will be delivered to the seller or buyer on the very first meeting.

Those 4 business relationships are:

Buyer's agent
Seller's agent
Transaction broker
Disclosed dual agent

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